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The Vamo V5 is a feature rich vv/vw AVP and it is one of the most popular mods available to date. Vamo has engineered the perfect vaping device merging looks & functionality with a sleek futuristic form sporting a built in blue OLED display. The Vamo V5 is very well built, it feels solid in the hands and while not telescopic it does feature a small extension tube allowing you to switch between using an 18650 battery or 18350. The Hud display layout is one of the very best, and the horizontal screen makes things a snap to navigate. The Vamo sports 3 buttons, the main firing button as well as two smaller buttons with various functions depending on how you have set up your device. The Vamo V5 allows you to turn the voltage or wattage up and down while enjoying your vape session. The Vamo V5 features sleek stylish metal buttons, a New battery spring , as well as new raised 510 connectors. While in variable voltage mode the V5 can go from 3v to 6v in 0.1v increments while in variable wattage mode allowing from 3.0w to 15w in 0.5w increments. The Vamo V5 also protects your battery against dangers that were previously known to ruin expensive APV's like too much or too little current and very low resistances. You also now have the option to change the power setting from Mean to RMS depending on preference. The Vamo V5 AVP will deliver more than sufficient power overshadowing any of the competition. If a powerful yet smooth rich & highly customizable vaping experience is what your after you wont go wrong with the Vamo V5!